Aug 112012

Crysis 2 was a little bit of a disappointment for PC gamers – not because it was a bad game but because it didn’t really dethrone Crysis 1 as the ultimate test of the performance of your gaming PC. Many would argue Crysis 1 even looks better on PC compared to Crysis 2 in some ways. Later on they did release high res textures which helped but gamers were still left with a sour taste in their mouth from the “consolization” of their precious game. Enter the Crysis 3 trailer and now you finally have a use for your Quad-SLI GTX 680’s:

The game will come out for 360/PS3 of course, but I also suspect it will later come out for the next-gen consoles later in the year (if the rumors are true) and will look similar to this on them. Even if you are not a console gamer, the new consoles will trigger a major graphical quality shift in PC titles. Developers are mostly multi-platform nowadays and that means developing for the lowest common denominator (which right now is ancient 7-year-old technology in the consoles). The current consoles use Direct X 9 which is why most PC games do as well. The next consoles will use DX11 which means PC games will fully take advantage of it simply because the developers are already doing it for the console versions. It’s about time considering we’ve had DX11 video cards for 2+ years now.

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