Sep 102012

The Brinno TLC100 time-lapse camera is a very simple device that aims to simplify time-lapse photography as much as possible. There are many ways to take time-lapse videos. You can use any digital camera or any video camera. The difference with a dedicated time-lapse camera like the TLC100 is it takes out a lot of the work that needs to be done such as stitching still images together and creating the video file.

With the TLC100 (currently $135 at Amazon) you simply point the camera where you want, choose your time interval (anywhere from 5 seconds to 24 hours) then press a button and walk away. When you stop it, you will be left with an .AVI file of your time-lapse.

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Jul 142012

So you’ve dabbled in Astrophotography with your DSLR camera somewhat; maybe you’ve shot some star trails or some short 30-second night-time landscape shots. Now you want to move to the next level and take long exposures of stellar objects but you are put off by the cost and the complication. Do you really need to lug around a large telescope and telescope mount? Are you confused about polar alignment? The Vixen Polarie star tracker removes all of that intimidation and a lot of the cost (though not all of it!) and allows even a first-timer to be setup and running in a matter of minutes.

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