Jun 152013

Trying to decide between the Microsoft Xbox One ($499) and Sony PS4 ($399) for your next-gen console? Let’s have a look at the most important comparison points between them so you can better make your decision. The overall system architecture is very similar with both systems using an AMD APU solution. An APU is a chip that has both a GPU and CPU integrated into it. There are some key differences though.

Xbox One vs. PS4

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Jun 102013

The recently announced Xbox One is now available for pre-order for $499. The “Day One” edition will be available for a limited amount of time for pre-orders only and includes a limited edition controller and some other bonuses. There is only one Xbox One SKU and it comes with the new Kinect sensor.

You can pre-order now at Amazon. If you want one on launch day, do so quickly. There is bound to be shortages at launch.


Oct 292012

Buying for geeky people can be hard. Chances are they already have the stuff they “need” that’s tech related. Here are some fun (and useful, I swear!) things you can add to your shopping list for the hard-to-buy-for techie friend or family member. I’ll cover all price ranges.


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Sep 202012

To coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has just released iOS 6. It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod Touch 4g/5g, and iPad 2 and the new 3rd gen iPad. If your device is running iOS 5 you can update right on your device without having to plug it into a computer. The whole process takes around 15-20 minutes depending on your download speed (the update is almost 800MB). One of the bigger features is Siri support for the 3rd gen iPad. One of the more disappointing changes is the removal of Google Maps app for the new Apple maps app. After briefly playing around with it, I can tell you that the maps are horribly outdated. It tried to give me directions to a store location that has been closed for more than 5 years. Hopefully they work out the kinks and get it updated to a map from sometime this decade. The whole feature list is after the break.

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Sep 132012

During the Wii U preview event held today, Nintendo finally announced release dates and pricing for the Wii U console. It will launch November 18th in North America and November 30th in Europe. It comes in two different bundles, the Deluxe for $349.99 US MSRP and the Basic for $299.99 US MSRP. The Deluxe comes in black while the basic comes in white. The Deluxe comes with extra memory (32GB vs. 8GB), the game “Nintendo Land,” a game pad charging cradle plus stands for the game pad and console.

I am not terribly sold on the Wii U yet since it doesn’t have that much more horsepower than the 7-year-old Xbox 360 and 6-year-old Playstation 3. And when Microsoft and Sony likely launch their new consoles next year, the Wii U will be left in the dust in terms of graphic fidelity. At least you won’t ever lose that controller though. You can pre-order a bunch of Wii U stuff including games on Amazon already. Check after the break for a video featuring some Wii U launch titles.

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Sep 132012

The Nikon D600 is the most affordable full-frame DSLR ever released. It is the younger sibling of the immensely popular D800 and carries a lot of the same features. Another way to look at it is a D7000 body with a full-frame sensor since it also shares a lot of things with that camera. The full-frame sensor is 24 megapixels which puts it on par or above every full-frame camera on the market with the exception of the D800. At a MSRP of $2099 this is going to be an extremely popular camera.

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Sep 122012

Along with the new iPhone 5, Apple has announced the new iPod Touch 5g and the iPod Nano 7g. The new iPod touch gets bumped up to a larger 4 inch screen form factor like the iPhone 5’s, a new 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, an upgraded A5 chip and newly designed Apple earbuds which are supposed to improve comfort and sound quality. Also, it now comes in 5 colors as shown above. Price is $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB and it will be available in October. You can read more here.

Next up is the new iPod Nano. It has grown in size considerably compared to the previous Nano (which I thought was way too small anyway) and boasts a 2.5-inch screen. Apps have not graduated to the Nano yet, it is still limited to music and video mostly, plus whatever apps Apple includes on it. Price is $149 for 16GB and it will be available in October. You can get more info here.

Both the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano use the new Lightning dock connector, making the old Apple dock connector that’s been in use since 2003 obsolete. If you have old devices with docks that you still want to use there will be adapters available.

Sep 122012

Today Apple introduced the new iPhone 5. The main differences over the iPhone 4s are:

  • 18% slimmer and 20% lighter
  • 4-inch retina display screen with full SRGB color gamut, 1136×640 resolution
  • New A6 chip; twice as fast as the A5 plus less power consumption for improved battery life
  • Support for 4G LTE networks plus dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz a/b/g/n wifi up to 150Mbps
  • 720p front-facing camera for face time, plus face-time over cellular
  • New, smaller dock connector called “Lightning”
  • All aluminium and glass construction

Price remains the same as the 4S launched at and it starts shipping on September 21st in most countries, with others following in October. You can find out more on the Apple site here.

Sep 102012

The Brinno TLC100 time-lapse camera is a very simple device that aims to simplify time-lapse photography as much as possible. There are many ways to take time-lapse videos. You can use any digital camera or any video camera. The difference with a dedicated time-lapse camera like the TLC100 is it takes out a lot of the work that needs to be done such as stitching still images together and creating the video file.

With the TLC100 (currently $135 at Amazon) you simply point the camera where you want, choose your time interval (anywhere from 5 seconds to 24 hours) then press a button and walk away. When you stop it, you will be left with an .AVI file of your time-lapse.

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Sep 062012

Today Amazon announced 4 new Kindle devices. First up is the new Kindle Fire HD which comes in two sizes, 8.9 inch and 7 inch (like the original Fire). The  8.9-inch model has a great resolution of 1920×1200 and upgraded hardware under the hood including 5GHz wi-fi. The new 7-inch model with its 1280×800 screen remains priced at $199 while the new 8.9-inch version is $299 with 16GB of storage. The new Kindle Fire ships Nov. 20th and is available for pre-order. A 4G model is also available at a higher cost.

Next up is the Kindle Paperwhite which has a higher resolution screen and an optional back light. It promises 8 weeks of battery life (without backlight obviously) and ships on October 1st for $119 and $179 for the 3G version.

Finally they have dropped the price of the basic wi-fi Kindle to only $69! It is available for purchase starting today.

Since I already use an iPad as my tablet the Fire HD isn’t of huge interest for me but as someone who still owns and uses a second gen original Kindle the new Paperwhite is looking tempting so you don’t have to get a reading light once it gets dark all the time.